Organization Tips for Self-Storage

Indoor Storage UnitsIf your home is feeling cramped and cluttered, renting a self storage unit provides an excellent solution. You can move items you don't use regularly outside of your home, so you'll have more room for the things that you use every day. However, it's very important to keep your unit well-organized. If you want to find your grandmother's china or locate the Christmas decorations, you don't want to have to empty your entire unit to find what you need.

Keeping your self-storage unit neat and organized doesn't have to be difficult when you keep the following simple tips in mind:

Keep a Master List

You might think that you'll remember each item that you put into self storage, but it's easy to forget about items when they are out of sight. As you're packing up your items to place into storage, it's very helpful to keep a master list of what you are moving. You can then refer to your list at any time if you are wondering whether or not your golf clubs are in the basement or in your storage unit in South Slocan.

Label, Label, Label

In addition to making a master list while you are packing up your items, it's also vital to label each box. When it comes to labeling, specific information is best. Instead of marking one box, "Christmas Stuff", write, "Christmas tree skirt and ornaments." Part of the benefit of having a storage unit is the fact that you can retrieve your items easily when you need them, saving yourself a lot of time and effort by being able to quickly tell exactly what is in each box or container.

Fill Your Storage Unit Strategically

After you've packed and labeled everything, it's time to get the items out of your home and into your self storage unit. Of course, you want to get the job done as quickly as possible, but you need to be strategic when you are filling up your space. Start by placing items that you use the least in the back of the self storage space. Maybe you want to keep your college textbooks, but you won't be referring to them any time soon.

Try to keep items that you know you'll be getting out regularly toward the front and top of the unit, and keep your boxes positioned where their labels can be easily seen. South Slocan residents love using self storage units to keep their items safe and secure when they need extra space. You'll be able to get the most from your storage unit by keeping it well-organized.

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