Storage Tips

  1. Rodents and bugs can be a real problem in storage facilities, often staining or damaging goods. When shopping for a storage provider, take a look around the facility and get a sense of how clean it is. A good company is always willing to give you a tour.
  2. Security is the key. You'd want your goods to be safe at home, so why expect less from your storage facility? Secure facilities offer individually alarmed units, good lighting, and digital surveillance cameras.
  3. Height matters. The higher the ceilings in your unit, the more you can store in a smaller unit size. That saves you money.
  4. Homeowners insurance often doesn't cover goods stored in a self storage facility. Check with your insurance provider to ensure you are covered. If not, a good facility will be able to help you arrange insurance.
  5. Think about when, and how often you will need to access your goods. If you work until 11pm it's going to be tough to access your goods at some facilities.
  6. Paying in advance can save you money. Ask your storage provider if they offer discounts for pre-paid accounts.
  7. Not all facilities allow you to move out when you want. Call around to find out the terms of your departure and how much rent you will be responsible for.

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