Self Storage Unit Sizes

Estimating the amount of space you require is often the hardest part of storing your goods.

Sometimes you'll need to store goods of unusual sizes. If that's the case, why not give one of our representatives a call? They'll be happy to help you find the size that's right for you. Don't forget, subject to availability, you can always change your unit size.
Cubic vs. Square footage

Moving companies usually use cubic feet as their measurement of choice. Here's the basic formula: a 10 x 10 (W x L) storage unit is 100 square feet of floor space (multiply the length times the width). All of our units have 8' high ceilings, so multiply that by your square footage to come up with your cubic footage.

West Kootenay Self Storage - 5x5 Unit 5 x 5
25 sq. ft.
Small mattresses, bikes, boxes, a small filing cabinet, small office desk or bedroom chest. Hall closet, small bedroom or office
West Kootenay Self Storage - 5x10 Unit 5 x 10
50 sq. ft.
Ideal for the contents of a small one-bedroom apartment or studio. Walk-in-closet
West Kootenay Self Storage - 7x10 Unit 7 x 10
70 sq. ft.
Ideal for the contents of a medium sized one-bedroom apartment or bachelor suite. Small bedroom
West Kootenay Self Storage - 10x10 Unit 10 x 10
100 sq. ft.
A typical 1-2 bedroom apartment including basic appliances, furnishings, and boxes. Often used alone for motorcycle or recreational vehicle storage. Average size
West Kootenay Self Storage - 10x15 Unit 10 x 15
150 sq. ft.
Furnishings from a small home or 2-3 bedroom apartment. Small to medium size businesses often use this size for dormant file storage, complete with shelving. Large bedroom
West Kootenay Self Storage - 10x20 Unit 10 x 20
200 sq. ft.
Ideal for the typical 2-3 bedroom home with appliances. Our commercial customers often use this size for excess inventory, or additional supplies storage. One-car garage
West Kootenay Self Storage - 12x40 Unit 12 x 40
480 sq. ft.
(14 ft. ceiling)
Suitable for just about any vehicle, trailer, RV, or camper
NOTE: These units are covered parking only.
Covered RV / vehicle parking

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