Scenarios in Which You May Need Vehicle Storage

vehicle-storage.jpgDo own a classic vehicle that could use a safer home? Perhaps you have a car that’s only used in the summer months? Maybe your new RV is just too large for your yard?  Whatever the case may be, there are several vehicles that residents in South Slocan don’t actively use on a day to day, or even weekly basis. Often turning to a self storage facility for temporary storage of their vehicle is the easiest and most practical solution.



So in what circumstances may a resident turn to vehicle self storage anyway? Here are 4 common scenarios in which vehicle self-storage makes sense:


Seasonal or Occasional Use 

Boats, RVS, motorcycles, and classic cars are obviously not going to be used year-round, unless you’re a constant vacationer! The reality is, however, that most of us unfortunately aren’t, and most of us simply don’t have adequate space to store these extra vehicles on our South Slocan property.  This situation presents the perfect opportunity to take advantage of off-site storage services. Store your RV or boat here for the winter months, and it’s ready to retrieve at your convenience when the warmer season rolls around again.  

Limited Space

Maybe you currently have enough garage space to store that extra van, but you have plans to renovate a portion of it into an entertainment area; this is just another reason to turn to a self storage facility in South Slocan for reliable storage that doesn’t interfere with your renovation plans. 

Mother Nature

If you live in South Slocan, you know exactly what weather conditions to expect throughout winter and spring months. Mother Nature can be brutal on the exterior of your vehicle. Rain, hail, and snow can all be very damaging to your vehicle when it’s not properly stored or protected. Chips, scratches, dents, and water damage can all occur, and could be quite costly to fix.  Even sun during the summer months can result in sunspots and fading to your dashboard.

Lack of Security

Security is generally the biggest reason to consider storing your vehicle at a self-storage facility. Storing your car, boat, motorcycle or RV in your driveway or street, leaves it vulnerable to theft and/or vandalism. For peace of mind in knowing that your classic car or fancy boat is 100% protected, a self-storage service simply makes sense. In South Slocan, residents can opt for vehicle storage solutions that are monitored 24 hours a day with alarm systems and video surveillance. This type of security is often not accessible and/or affordable to install in your South Slocan home.

In any of the above situations where additional storage space would be beneficial for your vehicles, West Kootenay Self Storage in South Slocan has the ideal storage solution.  Our vehicle storage services will keep just about any sized vehicle safe and secure. Whether you’re in need of storage for your vehicle, trailer, RV, or camper, we have a selection of self-storage solutions for every purpose.

Contact us today to learn more about our vehicle storage solutions in South Slocan.  We are glad to assist you at anytime. Call 250-359-5085