What Happens to a Storage Unit if a Renter Passes Away?

It may not be a pleasant subject, but it is one that should be addressed. Unfortunately, it is not rare for a self storage operator to receive news that one of their tenants has passed away. At West Kootenay Self Storage in South Slocan, BC, usually this is discovered when rent hasn’t been paid, and late notices are mailed out. It’s at this time that we learn from relatives and/or friends of the death.   What Happens Next? Belongings of a deceased tenant’s storage unit can be dealt with in a variety of ways. Because each situation is different, we deal with these occurrences on an individual basis, considering many factors: Generally speaking, the belongings of a deceased tenant’s storage unit become part of ...[Read More]

Why Should I Store My Vehicle with West Kootenay Self Storage?

You put a lot of care into your vehicle. You make sure that there is enough gas in the tank; clean the interior, exterior and keep the engine running smoothly. You want to make sure your investment is kept in great shape and do everything you can to protect it. But what should you do with a seasonal or recreational vehicle? After all, most people don’t have a lot of extra space and taking care of and storing a vehicle during the snowy months of winter can be a challenge. This is where West Kootenay Self Storage comes in. At West Kootenay, we can safely store any type of vehicle and keep it in storage for as long as you see fit. For added convenience, we offer indoor and outdoor storage to keep your car or truck safe at all times. We also offer covered storage for large vehicles such as RV’s and boats to keep them pr...[Read More]

Items that Don’t Belong in Self Storage Units

  We all have “items” that we’re not exactly sure what to do with! Whether it’s overflowing closets, or limited storage space at our office, neither situation is ideal but we hang on to these things because they are too important to get rid of. Well, a self storage unit in West Kootenay might be the answer.   So what items should you move to self-storage anyway? Keep in mind that while you may store several items in a typical storage unit, each self-storage facility does have its restrictions. At West Kootenay Self Storage, we want our clients to have a pleasant experience, which also includes leavin...[Read More]

Keep Your Belongings Safe - Before and During Storage

  West Kootenay Self Storage cares about your experience with us, and we want to do everything possible to ensure your belongings remain in perfect condition throughout your entire storage period. Below we have compiled some helpful storage tips to keep in mind when gathering your items up for storage purposes.   Prepare for Your Move Disassemble all tables and/or beds Disconnect appliances Place TV’s, stereo’s, laptops in sturdy boxes   Boxes Make sure that you are using quality boxes that are strong enough to hold your items. Consult with West Kootenay Self Storage for information on ...[Read More]

Spring into a New Self Storage Unit

There aren’t too many people in the world that embrace winter like we do here in the Kootenay’s. After all, we live in one of the best places on the planet for winter activities! It can be difficult enough to watch the White Water Ski Resort and Red Mountain Resort close their lifts for the year but it’s even harder to actually give it up for half the year!The main question is; what do you do with all of your belongings for the spring and summer? Have you considered self storage? We understand that your skis, snowboards and snowmobiles are expensive and likely your pride and joy. Likely you are very protective of each of these and therefore will want to do everything possible to ensure they are always kept safe and secure.One of the objections you might have is wondering whether your...[Read More]