Old Items You Should Consider Removing From Your Storage Unit

There is no doubt that a self-storage unit is a great way to store away a lot of belongings that you don’t need to have in your normal, day-to-day life. Our self-storage units at West Kootenay can hold an assortment of different things, such as boxes of clothing, pieces of art work and stacks of books. You can even store vehicles at our storage unit facility, but are you holding onto items that seem to be a little outdated? If the answer if yes, it might be time to remove those items from your self-storage unit. The question you should ask yourself is where do you start for your storage unit clean out? Then after you finish cleaning out the storage unit, what do you do with all those old items? Old Furniture One place to start is an obvious one - your old furniture. Do you really need the big, bulky couch from a dozen years ago? ...[Read More]

Organization Tips for Self-Storage

If your home is feeling cramped and cluttered, renting a self storage unit provides an excellent solution. You can move items you don't use regularly outside of your home, so you'll have more room for the things that you use every day. However, it's very important to keep your unit well-organized. If you want to find your grandmother's china or locate the Christmas decorations, you don't want to have to empty your entire unit to find what you need. Keeping your self-storage unit neat and organized doesn't have to be difficult when you keep the following simple tips in mind: Keep a Master List You might think that you'll remember each item that you put into self storage, but it's easy to forget about items when they are out of sight. As...[Read More]

Why Do People Use Self-Storage Units?

It’s not uncommon for the average person to want to hold on to various belongings because they hold sentimental value or they simply aren’t ready to “let them go”.  While you may not be using that antique vase or patio furniture at the present moment, an occasion might arise where you may wish to use it again, right?  This is entirely understandable, but in the meantime, keeping these items in your home in South Slocan, BC is only taking up space and causing unnecessary clutter.  Why not consider renting a self-storage space for those personal belongings that you don’t need at the moment? A storage space is a rentable room offered by storage facilities such as West Kootenay Self Storag...[Read More]

Storing Belongings for the Fall Season

Unfortunately it’s that sad time of year where the days are getting shorter and the temperatures cooler. Summer is coming to an end, and the fall season is upon us…Where did the time go!? While we would all love summer to stay, a change in season means a change in wardrobe, and leisure/entertainment activities. Evenings are getting chillier, and the leaves are already showing signs of fall. It’s officially that time of year to begin tucking away the summer belongings to prepare for fall and winter. Perhaps your West Kootenay home is already jammed with overflowing closets and your garage is no different; so where in the world are you going to manage the storage space for these items?  Consider turning to a professional self storage facility for the easiest storage solution yo...[Read More]

Scenarios in Which You May Need Vehicle Storage

Do own a classic vehicle that could use a safer home? Perhaps you have a car that’s only used in the summer months? Maybe your new RV is just too large for your yard?  Whatever the case may be, there are several vehicles that residents in South Slocan don’t actively use on a day to day, or even weekly basis. Often turning to a self storage facility for temporary storage of their vehicle is the easiest and most practical solution.     So in what circumstances may a resident turn to vehicle self storage anyway? Here are 4 common scenarios in which vehicle self-storage makes sense:   Seasonal or Occasional Use  Boats, RVS, motorcycles, and classic cars are obviously not going to be used year-roun...[Read More]