Old Items You Should Consider Removing From Your Storage Unit

There is no doubt that a self-storage unit is a great way to store away a lot of belongings that you don’t need to have in your normal, day-to-day life. Our self-storage units at West Kootenay can hold an assortment of different things, such as boxes of clothing, pieces of art work and stacks of books. You can even store vehicles at our storage unit facility, but are you holding onto items that seem to be a little outdated? If the answer if yes, it might be time to remove those items from your self-storage unit. The question you should ask yourself is where do you start for your storage unit clean out? Then after you finish cleaning out the storage unit, what do you do with all those old items? Old Furniture One place to start is an obvious one - your old furniture. Do you really need the big, bulky couch from a dozen years ago? ...[Read More]