Scenarios in Which You May Need Vehicle Storage

Do own a classic vehicle that could use a safer home? Perhaps you have a car that’s only used in the summer months? Maybe your new RV is just too large for your yard?  Whatever the case may be, there are several vehicles that residents in South Slocan don’t actively use on a day to day, or even weekly basis. Often turning to a self storage facility for temporary storage of their vehicle is the easiest and most practical solution.     So in what circumstances may a resident turn to vehicle self storage anyway? Here are 4 common scenarios in which vehicle self-storage makes sense:   Seasonal or Occasional Use  Boats, RVS, motorcycles, and classic cars are obviously not going to be used year-roun...[Read More]

What Happens to a Storage Unit if a Renter Passes Away?

It may not be a pleasant subject, but it is one that should be addressed. Unfortunately, it is not rare for a self storage operator to receive news that one of their tenants has passed away. At West Kootenay Self Storage in South Slocan, BC, usually this is discovered when rent hasn’t been paid, and late notices are mailed out. It’s at this time that we learn from relatives and/or friends of the death.   What Happens Next? Belongings of a deceased tenant’s storage unit can be dealt with in a variety of ways. Because each situation is different, we deal with these occurrences on an individual basis, considering many factors: Generally speaking, the belongings of a deceased tenant’s storage unit become part of ...[Read More]